Night of the Living Dead

There are so many horror tropes present here. I’m not sure if it is just because I haven’t watched it before but it all seemed a bit predictable, which it wouldn’t have done had I watched it before watching numerous other horror films that are derived from this one: The secretly infected one, the petty/insecure one, the feeble one, the crazy/out of their mind/unstable one, the young couple. They’re all here!

The score is particularly harsh and grating, the acting is terrible and the pacing is slow but there is something compelling about this film. The “Living Dead” are truly awful, not quite mindless monsters and not quite sentient (but more able than the zombies of todays films).

The story line is pretty simple in that some survivors find themselves holed up together in a farm house and try to defend/secure it against the incoming hordes of undead. This is a diverse collection of people, some more with it and clued in than others and not all willing to work together for the simple purpose of survival.

Whilst I am glad that I finally watched this film, I don’t think it will be one to revisit for me. Credit must go to George A Romero for creating a new genre of film but my zombie tastes are too different from this film unfortunately.

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3 thoughts on “Night of the Living Dead

  1. I recommend the later films in Romero’s Living Dead series; the production quality increases, as does the budget (and the subtext!).

    While I concede that “Night” is easier to admire than love, Romero actually wrote a 90s remake of this original film, which you might prefer! It was directed by effects wizard Tom Savini.


    1. Gavin McHugh 9 Oct 2017 — 8:10 pm

      Cheers for the info! I shall have to check them out.
      I think I’ve seen the original Dawn of the Dead years ago but not the others.


      1. Personally, Dawn is my favourite, but even later entries Diary and Survival have their merits. 😁


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