Happy Death Day

Theresa wakes up, on her birthday, in another student’s dorm room after a severely drunken evening. Progressing through the day Theresa pisses pretty much everyone off and, on her way to a party that evening is brutally murdered by someone wearing a college mascot mask (a seriously hideous looking baby). And here is where the fun begins. The moment of her death she wakes up again in that same room as she did that morning, and the same sequence of events starts over again.


Happy Death Day is pretty much the bastardised love child of Groundhog Day and a relentless slasher movie (take your pick!). As she stomps through her day dismissing and being condescending to almost everyone and seemingly caring only about herself we get a clear picture of the type of person that Theresa is, and at the same time giving a huge number of people that would quite happily kill this not very nice young woman.

Overall this is a decent effort at breathing new life in to the slasher genre, throwing a good deal of fun into the mix. Adding in some time loop shenanigans and you’ve actually got a great idea. However, as fresh as it feels I don’t think it goes far enough in the exploration of the repetitions, they don’t really build on the narrative of the previous “days” effort like in Edge of Tomorrow so in the end it just feels like a film about the same person being killed over and over again. On the flip side, there is a decent amount of variety in the deaths that Theresa endures and the growing mental issues associated with the time loop/repeated deaths do become apparent.

Horror Rating:     ½

Overall Rating:    

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