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Last Chance U: Basketball

It is a pretty good decision to move away from the American Football based Last Chance U seasons of the past, not because they were bad (although they did suffer from a gradual decline in interest as they progressed) but it just freshens everything up a little bit.

Basing this series around the East LA College (ELAC) Huskies basketball team and their enigmatic coach, John Mosley, he tries with everything that he has to get this group of talented but sometimes dysfunctional players through junior college and into their potential scholarships with the bigger colleges. There are challenges, both sporting and personal, to overcome and the format still works well, switching between the game and college footage and the sit down, in depth documentary style.

The big personalities always come to the fore but it does feel that the players aren’t quite as problematic as the ones from the previous seasons (and definitely the coach has much more control of himself and the players too). The game footage is always exciting, edited really well to instil a sense of drama and you do find yourself, as you do with most of the previous seasons, rooting for the players and team to do well.

Once again, highly watchable and entertaining with some real characters, this is well worth watching, even if you didn’t enjoy the previous Football-based seasons.

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