#MaysGone (Days Gone Part 3)

The one where I gain some (too much?) confidence

This game is crazy! I sat down after the kids were in bed and when I looked up next time it was gone midnight. Where does the time go? Days Gone indeed!

This session didn’t start too well, I’m afraid. Setting off on a mission, just arriving into a tunnel and WHAMMMO! a Screamer appeared out of the dark right in front of me. Cue crashing of bike into a car (travesty!), a period of screamer-initiated disorientation and then a swarm of freakers running into the tunnel as the Screamer strolled back out again as if nothing happened. I managed to escape the tunnel, take down the swarm and, additionally, hacked some wolves to pieces (Mmmmeat!) before starting again on my mission. Quite an opening few moments!

And this is typical of this game, just when you think that you are doing fine, progressing nicely, something gets thrown into the works to disrupt things. Thankfully, it was only minor and I was able to keep going ok. Oh, and the good part was that the mission that I was on lead to me gaining Allied Trust for my first camp. Hot Springs now thanked me and considered me a true member, always welcome there. Which also means more advanced kit! So I raced back there and loaded up on all the goodies that I hadn’t been able to get before (including a mahoosive machine gun and extra magazine capacity!). Feeling pretty great, off I went again. More missions for more trust: Lost Lake now at level 2, Copeland still struggling to get to that fabled Allied level).

Sad news though. Finally I got the NERO guy to tell me something about my wife. Apparently she survived (Yey!) the stabbing and surgery, but that facility got overrun afterwards and nobody survived (Boo!). So hope and despair all in a matter of moments. Good job I had Boozer there with me as he punched me back in to reality, literally! The cut scenes throughout are pretty good, especially the ones directly related to Deacon and his past, packing quite a lot of emotion in there.

Marauders, Anarchists, Rippers, Squatters. All different types of camps encountered in this session. All wiped out, including a fortuitous invasion by a few freakers to help things along. AND another couple of hordes defeated! OK, so one was just drop an attractor down a shaft and follow it with a Molotov, rinse and repeat, but it worked and if they hadn’t put the shaft into the cave there to be used…. The other one was at Sherman’s Camp. Now, I’d been scoping this out for a while, waiting for them to turn up. This time there were there. I was ready. Tactic in place, let’s do this: Climb up the ladder on the building opposite and apply the same lure/fire way forward. Freakers can’t climb ladders so I’m FINE up here, no-one can get me……

Until they did manage to get up there. How? I’m not sure but they did and I had to jump and run! Thankfully, the first couple of blasts got a good number and I was only tailing around 30/40 or so (which, when you write it down sounds like a big number, but in reality as you get further into this game, it is entirely manageable).

I did attempt another horde. Even sneaked up close to their lair/cave and was just about the fire-bomb them when I got spotted! Space was pretty tight so there was only one safe decision to be made here. Run away! Just goes to show how easily things can turn sour.

The last mission of the night was a bounty mission for Lost Lake and my favourite person, Iron Mike. Well, ok, maybe not favourite as such but we get on. A bit. Ok, so he tolerates me. Sometimes. Anyway, the bounty. He’s hiding at… the NERO site near the SawMill. Yep, that SawMill. OK. Softly, softly does it. Sneaky, sneaky, keeping an eye out for those damn Screamers. Ok, I’m safe. Oh, there he is, but he’s running away…. into the SawMill. WTF? Do I have to go in there to get him back? Arrgh! Ok. But I’m going in quietly. Sneaky, sneaky around the outside. Slowly encroaching into the grounds. Still no sight but you can hear that damn horde all the time. Jump up on a rooftop, just to get away from the horde a little bit, putting some distance between me and them and what should happen? Ol’ bounty head walks right underneath me. Well, I’m not going to look that gift horse in the mouth so off I jump, take him down silently and scarper once again back to the safety of my bike. Phew!

Another fantastic part of this game is the sound. The ability to pinpoint where a freaker is snuffling from or the constant drone of the hordes is brilliant and unsettling. But the Screamers, oh my life. Nothing terribly sinister about their sing-song as they wander around but if they catch sight of you…. Reminds me of the Winter Lanterns of Bloodborne: Cheery little songs that they sing, but devastating if they see you!

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