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#MaysGone (Days Gone Part 5)

The one where I’m shook

Holy shit, this was an eventful session!

I mean, meeting the great Colonel himself! Damn, boyyeee! Only joking, events play out with some flashbacks (and reeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyyy slow walking up a hill with Sarah, but a lovely moment when you do get there. Eventually) and then we get to meet the fabled Wizard Island Witch, or more commonly known as Lt Sarah Whittaker.

Your Sarah.

Fuck that was an emotional reunion! I was NOT expecting to see her quite so soon, if at all, so it caught me completely off guard.

But once I’d recovered from that, it’s back to missioning for the good of the camp (or all mankind if you buy into the general’s worldview!). It’s dark, it’s raining, I can hardly see where I’m going and I don’t know the landscape yet. I’m hoping that this isn’t a sign of things to come! Thankfully after a small mission that was fairly easy pickings the sun came out and dried up all the rain, and allowed me to spot the infected Bear Rager that was awaiting me outside the cave that I’d just searched and looted. And a feel-good headshot on a Screamer from some distance for good measure. Still got it!

I seriously need to earn some camp credits as I’ve got next to nothing, can only just cover ammo at the minute. Gawd Bless free fuel cans lying around and ammo refills in the back of police vehicles. Oh, and I’ve finally swapped out my circular-saw-baseball-bat melee weapon (I loved this. Sorry to see it go but at least I can craft it again if needs be!) for the Superior Mace. Time will tell if it is any good but it’s had a good workout already against a pack of Runners.

From here we really started to get into our stride. Chaining multiple missions together without returning to base (mainly because it was pretty far away and I couldn’t be bothered!). An incursion into a mine to gather some red rocks, a nest infestation cleared (including a Breaker), an Ambush Camp wiped out, a supply run for Lt Whittaker (involving multiple Breakers), a couple of rescue mission and some general mayhem. Oh, and I met a cougar. No, not that kind, the furry dangerous kind with big claws who very nearly sliced and diced me. And a Rager ambled along as I was sorting a NERO checkpoint out. Think that’s all….. But it does mean that Wizard Island camp now has a health amount of credits to my name and nearing on Trust level 2, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Fun story about the NERO checkpoint mission here though: As I was scoping it out, it was currently occupied by a bunch of miscreants, a group of freakers decided to exit the tunnel behind them. How much fun is it to watch a swarm of freakers take down a camp of enemies? The answer is very! It was great to see them run around from one person to the next, then stop, wander around a bit then detect the next person and set upon them too. Much fun was had (but that’s when that damn Rager bear appeared and almost spoiled my hilarity. Fortunately the NERO checkpoint was behind a barrier that the freakers couldn’t get across so, bear defeated, I wandered up to it and stuck my face right next to a small, rabid swarm (about 25 or so) of freakers and watched them all go real crazy cos they couldn’t get at me! Then when the laughing stopped I took them down, shooting through the gaps in the barrier. Happy days!

In other news, I obviously wasn’t paying attention to the bigger picture as I realised that I had 5 skill points to use up, which felt like a huge bonus! Skill tree is looking VERY healthy now (and has fuelled my bravado in horde-takedowns!). Lt Whittaker continues to be distant and stand-offish with me, which is weird, but I’m sure that the situation is causing this feeling. Hopefully once the worst of this is past, we can get back to something like normal? Is that hoping too much, d’ya think?

Another new enemy in this location is bloody infected birds, or just Hitchcock-style Birds, that swoop down and attack you if you get too close. Totally annoying, if not too dangerous. It did, however, take me a long time to realise that their Infected Nests are ACTUALLY nests, like in-the-trees nests. I know, I know, makes me look quite stupid. But, now that I know, those chickens are cooked! Russian style (assuming that Molotovs are of Russian origin…..).

And in more exciting news, Weaver the mad scientist has almost cracked the Napalm Molotov recipe *rubs hands with glee and with a maniacal look in my eyes*. Can’t wait to try those babies out on a horde or two!

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