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#MaysGone (Days Gone Part 6)

The one where I reconnect with the past.

Riding out on many, many supply missions for Lt Whittaker is a double ended sword: Good to interact after so long without her, but also being kept at arms length. However, things change when she suggests going along with me on one of these supply runs. Although Chemult College supply mission is not too difficult the real prize is in the interactions between the two of you. After escaping from the College the mission becomes returning to the Cloverdale facility that she used to work at. Again, another multi-stage mission that is pretty good from start to finish, without being overly hard to do. But being with Sarah again, on a mission or two together, especially revisiting a location we both have ties to, brings back a lot of memories and I’m still flitting between thinking we aren’t gong to make it together and thinking all is going to be OK between us.

But anyway, enough of that life nonsense, back to the real story. Taking down the Freaks!

More NERO locations powered up and more nest infestations taken down. Although the nest I took down was a pretty tough one on top of a tunnel/hill where the freakers just kept appearing every time I thought that I’d wiped them all out. It’s almost like they’re trying to make things harder for me! Then, when I think I’m doing ok a damn Breaker snarled from the distance (great!) and also Screamer turned up. This is not a large area so it did require lots of enemy location-management to be needed. And then the reason it was tougher than normal was that it was right next to a horde. Oh Happy Day….

To be fair though, I did well with this one. From the top of a cliff, just far enough away that when they freaked out (HA! get it? Freaked… never mind) they didn’t quite get to me. More attractors and bombs/Molotovs and then finishing up and that’s another horde taken down 100+ freakers this time which is pretty decent for me!

It’s a bit grim looking, round here!

Thankfully, I’m getting to know the lay of this new region a bit more now. Getting more familiarity with locations and routes, which is of great help, especially when needing to nitro over a broken bridge! And talking about the bike, I managed to cobble together enough credits to upgrade the fuel tank to the max so range now is pretty damn awesome!

I was particularly proud that I managed to lure a Breaker into an ambush camp, then hide and watch the carnage unfold. Those poor ambushers got a taste of their own medicine there! Sweet!

Then the real highlight of this session. Lt Weaver, him in direct opposition to Lt Whittaker in creating their weapons against the masses, manages to crack his Napalm Molotov recipe. With a bike dangerous laden with flammable liquids, I ride out with Captain Kouri to test it out…. Back to the College for a quite intimidating horde. But I felt I was ready, I plotted a plan, laid some proximity bombs and started the lure process. Damn mission then told me I couldn’t go any further away as the horde were in full flow inches behind me, leaving me with no option but to get swarmed!

Take 2: trying again. Sneak up to them and plan your route back. OK, all good this time. Barrels of fuel and proximity bombs all in place. Now, to only get a good few wiped out before they start swarming… Damn lonely wandering freaker happened upon me in the bushes as I was about to launch my attractor/Molotov combo. Swarm, swarm, swarm, aaaaannd Death.

Take 3: This time it’s going to work. Slightly different route, but still proximity bombs and fuel barrels. Then the rest is just going to be attempting to lure them into narrow enclosures to burn them, BURN THEM ALL!!!!!! So, I can say now that this mission has been THE most intense part of the game so far for me. Taking them down, then having 3/4 of the horde still chasing me but unable to properly run away was mad! Thankfully the Napalm works well as does the many high-powered machine guns that I was toting. Much stamina cocktail consumed and lots and lots of bullets used and the mission is a success. Yey! And I didn’t even get a horde killer point for that! I mean, WTF??? But I do now have Napalm in my back pocket, so swings and roundabouts I suppose.

Back at the camp, the Colonel might be getting wind of something being up. He’s changed stuff around and has well and truly thrown a spanner in the works of my plan to escape with Sarah. Damn that megalomaniacal fool!

On another point, does ANYONE else in this camp actually DO anything? I know that this is supposed to be your game but it’d be nice at least to hear about the rest of the militia soldiers doing some kind of missions as well. Apart from getting captured or going AWOL. A little bit of help here would be nice, is it too much to ask???

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