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#MaysGone (Days Gone Part 8)

The one where I become a Golden God

More on that later on but, for now, things seem to be progressing as per usual. Just roving the region finalising the missions left to do. Sounds kinda boring but actually it turned out to be pretty good for one reason or another.

Weaver’s VERY IMPORTANT MISSION to find him an MP3 player (yeah, I know) turned out to be a fun amalgamation of a couple of missions in close proximity. The NERO checkpoint in the stadium (that I ran away from in the last part) is RIGHT NEXT TO a nest infestation. Great. How to do this? OK, from one end of the stadium, some attractors and bombs to thin them out a bit. That worked ok I suppose but not great. Different tactic needed here, so I cycled round to the other side, where the nests were and worked my way into place there. Sneaky, sneaky like. Took out a few wanderers to clear my path to the nearest nest and burned that sucker down! Yeeeehhhaaa! Some quick action was needed as a damn Breaker emerged from it. But on the flip side that big motherfucker don’t give a shit about anything and will attack anyone and everything within sight. Cue me watching from an elevated position as my old mucker Breakazoid did what he does best and took down a whole load of freakers. Beautiful to see! Eventually he submitted to a pack of about 10 or so but not before he took down roughly 30+ of them. With the path cleared again I mopped up what I had to do, found a bloody MP3 player for Dr Napalm and restored the checkpoints power. And took the spoils in the shape of increased stamina. Nice!

More nests taken down, without incident really but they did lead me into another horde, which was nice. Really though, it was one of the easiest ones I’ve done so far. A whole bunch of freakers standing around on a bridge. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. That sniper rifle BFG took out a whole load of them, through and through, before they saw where it was coming from. This one was mostly gun-cleared, which was a lot of fun and good practice for later on…..

Back to Wizard Island and things have changed. Sarah is ready to leave with me and we sneak off through the mountain/volcano to get to the plateau for a NERO helicopter to pick us up courtesy of O’Brien. Hooooooowweeeevvveer, new recruits being given the tour by the Colonel cross our path just as we’re about to jump into that helicopter and fly away. And one of those new recruits is none other than your best buddy in the whole world Schizzo. Shit. Shit, shit, shit. Things turn south VERY quickly from here and you’re getting locked up and about to be hanged. But thankfully, Captain Kouri is a good a decent man and he disobeys the orders of the Mad Colonel Kurtz and frees you. But the militia have set off to attack Lost Lake (courtesy of Schizzo’s information). The race is on to get there to help out but there are multiple checkpoints on the way that you need to clear out. They weren’t so bad, more annoyance than anything else.

Attack repelled, a new plan is needed to deal with the crazy gang once and for all. And this is where Boozer earns his corn. A truck-bomb. Seriously. A big truck filled with explosive is gonna ram into their base and blow it all to hell. Guy’s got style! Unfortunately we need a few things before this can happen. First: Some fertiliser. Second: Creosote.

Now, those two items don’t sound too bad do they, but we need a shit-ton of it for this to work. Fertiliser is located at Iron Butte Ranch. A work site filled with big trucks, diggers and a horde. Creosote is located at the fucking SawMill. Deacon puts on his game face and steps once more into the breach….

Iron Butte Ranch horde resulted in multiple incursions to the area. Enticing them into explosives and removing myself from the rage-filled aftermath until they calm down again. You just can’t deal with people in that kind of state. A few close shaves, some long chases but it got done. Once cleared, Boozman rolls in and fills up his new toy with what’s needed and it’s onto the dreaded SawMill.

So, here we are. Hundreds upon hundreds of freakers waiting for me. Luckily I had a plan (It’s alright lads, I’ve got an idea!). Similar to the Iron Butte Ranch plan, I attacked from the South of the SawMill, lured them away in smaller packs and took them down until they thinned out a bit. A bit repetitive but great practice for shooting accuracy. This worked well while it was nighttime and they were in their pit, feeding. When daytime came around they retired to their shared, shit-covered boudoir and I couldn’t get to them from that side. So, round I went to the North side and the railway tunnel. Firing into their bedroom lured them out in smaller packs which I could then take down either from distance or down the tunnel (fish/barrel thing again). Rinse, repeat. This worked great until the last little bit of the horde who then decide that there is nothing left to lose and set off in HOT pursuit after me. This was followed by about half an hour of me running, focus-shooting, stamina cocktails, running, focus-shooting, stamina cocktails…… Man, that is intense. They just didn’t give up! But, late in the night (Maybe shouldn’t have started this mission so late in the first place?!), they were all gone. I’d done it! I was a Golden (Horde Killin’) God!!

And speaking of horde killing, their locations have all turned up on the map, which is handy. AND, to top it all off, whilst picking up my bounties afterwards, I took down a Reacher and Screamer in close proximity without any hassle whatsoever. Bang. Then I swaggered off back to my bike (and QuickSaved instantly!).

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