#MaysGone (Days Gone Part 9)

The one where it all ends. Or does it?

After the adrenaline-maxxing SawMill horde mission, all parts of the bomb-truck (Comin’ back with another bomb truck 🤘🏻) were in place. Iron Mike’s Lost Lake camp is ready to roll and take the war to the militia. My main man Boozer at the wheel. Wagons ho!

Lots of cinematic cut scenes, some quite emotional after the long journey to get here but the final mission is here at last. A long fight to the summit of Wizard Island and then a descent into the bowels of the Colonel’s Ark provided some tough tests on my ranged weapon skills, but thankfully the number of guys to take down were mostly in little clumps and not too taxing to defeat.

A head to head with Skizzo, when the game-makers try to even it up a little bit (as you are awesome and Skizzo is a little, weedy dick) but that was over pretty swiftly, as was the Colonel (thanks to Sarah!). And we’re free! Woohoo! Rebuild and live again.

And that was it. A rousing speech from reticent leader Deacon St John, a symbolic burning of the militia flag and then riding out with your girl on the back of your bike. Cue credits and emotional music and some flyby shots of riding the bike through the many landscapes of the game. Wonderful.

What now?

Well, there’s still a lot of mopping up to be done. A few Ambush camps, a few nests, a few Marauder camps. And lots of hordes still. Am I going to work my way through them all? I already am!

I took down the last of the marauder camps without any issue, although getting there was a bit dodgy as there are a couple of sizeable hordes nearby. I’ve put those into the diary for a later date. I zoomed back to Cascade region, which is a bit weird returning to this lush forest region after the previous regions being so much more sparse, and took down a few more camps and a piddling little horde that only took my machine gun to finish. They all count though, eh?!

So it’s pretty much just going to be box-ticking if I want to go through with trying to get the Platinum trophy here. And, for the amount of time I’ve put into it, it would be a shame not to. It seems all pretty achievable looking at what is left to do, and let’s not beat around the bush here, taking on a horde is just the best thing about this game.

In summary, Days Gone is astounding. I went in with no preconceptions, just that it was an open-world, 3rd person action game with zombie-type infected creatures and bikes. What came out is a varied, solidly-told story with a huge range of combat options and difficulty and a genuine thrill when you complete a horde takedown. Superb music underpins everything good in this game and provides a wonderful atmosphere. The gameplay is freakishly smooth considering the number of potential moving parts on the screen at any one time and the weapon-wheel interface becomes second nature (which is needed when you are in the shit and being chased by hundreds of freakers!) and the enemy targeting and tracking is perfect.


Platinum trophy has been achieved!! Well alright! Deacon St John is a freaker-destroying, bonafide badass. All 40 hordes have been wiped out in varying fashion (but I was getting quite good at taking them down by the end, even if I do say so myself!).

Although it might be time to move on to a different game, the lure of NG+ will always be there.

#MaysGone’s Days are Gone but never will be forgotten.

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