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Inventory (Inventura)

Boris Robič leads an uneventful, some would say boring, life: Standard job at the local college, standard marriage, standard family and a standard house. But when he gets shot at in his own home one evening, things start to get interesting.

The investigation into this shooting leads to an assessment of Boris’ life, friends and family. And the longer the mystery goes unsolved, the more his previously normal life slowly unravels. The inventory of the title relates to the list of people linked to Boris that the police investigator asked for: his family, his friends, his work colleagues and anybody that could have any possible reason to wish him harm.

The plot is an intruiging one and the way that the police go about the investigation doesn’t fill you with confidence from the start. And it is due to this that Boris starts to take things into his own hands and while a solution might present itself, it also has a detrimental effect on Boris’ desire to return to his normal existence.

While all the elements of Darko Sinko’s film are there and in place, the central premise (Boris’ inability to move on without having a culprit) leads to a certain amount of paranoia and distrust. While this brought about the best part of the film, and especially Radoš Bolčina’s performance as Boris, it ends up just skimming the surface of what might have been.

The relationship between Boris and chief investigator Andre (Dejan Spasic) is a good one and although it starts off on rocky ground it does develop into a strong and likeable bond, but again their interactions are too few and far between to make the most of this.


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