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Starting with what looks like actual documentary footage of the Vietnam war brings a sense of authenticity to this short and, when the story gets going, it felt to me very much like Platoon in places. With Firebase, Oats Studios and Neill Blomkamp have created another impressive short film.

Firebase depicts a tale about some very strange occurrences going on and a “river god” wreaking havoc with the US forces. Intertwined with the ongoing action sequences are hallucinogenic stories of soldiers being burned alive, levitating objects (like tanks!), seeing living skeletons and coming face to face with an indestructible “god”. Alongside this investigation into what is occurring we are introduced to a soldier who is apparently blessed, he has always been seen to be a force for life, a lucky man, always being saved by some timely intervention or chance occurrence. He is thought of as their best hope to go up against, and defeat, this river god.


This film is really impressive visually and atmospherically, has a depth to it that makes it easy to forget that this is a short film (26mins in length). There are great special effects to back up a really intriguing story and decent acting give this stylish short film a lot of credibility. Putting this together with the equally impressive Rakka and the output so far from Oats Studio is pretty damn good!

Watch Firebase below:

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