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Super Dark Times

Brought to my attention by turning up in Atlantic Screen Connection‘s Films of the Year for 2017 and, having noticed it being on Netflix already, it was a no-brainer to get this watched. Plus it has the word “Dark” in the title, so obviously I’m all for it!

What begins as a teenage boys-being-boys friendship film soon develops into something more twisted and, as mentioned above, dark (or indeed Super Dark!). As the teenage exuberance and fun turns in a moment of madness everything about this film changes. Nightmares, fear, tension, paranoia all bound up with burgeoning teenage angst and, to make things worse, your normal teenage growing up issues of growing pains and, of course, girls layered on top of everything else.

The main characters Zach (Owen Campbell) and Josh (Charlie Tahan) are pretty much inseparable before the incident but this monumental occurrence manages to drives a wedge between them that is insurmountable. As the friends drift apart, tensions grow and feelings and attitudes change. Fear turns to paranoia and trust disintegrates as the darkness envelopes the pair, but in differing ways.


Looking back at some of the imagery in this film makes me realise how good the cinematography actually is, but it isn’t in your face about it, being subtle but still impressive. The performances from all the young actors involved are really impressive and the work of director Kevin Phillips, in setting the tone right on the money throughout, is to be commended. This is a tightly woven film that knows where it is going but never signposts it. Dramatic, tense and enthralling.


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