Climax was my first Gaspar Noé experience and, for a large part of this film, I was getting along quite well with it. Then something happened and it no longer became interesting any more. It went too far and actually decided to become visually unintelligible.

The beginning, well ok not quite the beginning, is a showcase of some of the most amazing dancing that I have seen. There is some truly amazing sequences being shown on the screen, coupled with some less used angles, it gives these dance sequences an otherworldly air, as of something not seen before. Coupled with some amazing dance tracks it really is something to experience.

Then it starts to get a bit strange, but still palatable. As the post-practice drink starts flowing and the dancers begin to relax and have fun, the introduction of the drink being spiked with LSD starts weirding things out a bit. Conversations on a multitude of topics, but mainly sex, ensues as people begin lose their inhibitions. The dancing continues and becomes more elaborate and carefree but tempers also start to rise and fray as the discovery of the spiking is made known.

The increase in tension and desperation and of fear and intimidation across the group pulls you in all kinds of ways, not knowing how you should be feeling, especially as the  unrestrained behaviour spills over. At this point the film actually still makes some sense, but it isn’t long before it descends totally into complete chaos.  It isn’t following on from anything, there is no throughput, no story or tale being told here, just a lot of things, barely visible or discernible, happening as the camera rotates into strange angles and in barely visible red light. It was at this point that it ceased being a film I could enjoy and changed into something else.

The aftermath ending attempted to bring it back but it was too late. Yes, it was possible to work out what had happened to everyone but it didn’t make up for the preceding 20 minutes (or however long it actually was) or so of trying to work out WTF was going on.

Rating:     ½

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