#31DaysofHorror2019 continues apace with Rob Grant’s taught little three-way thriller, Harpoon, has a lot going for it. It is really well made, looks great, well directed and the three central characters were interesting and well portrayed.

After the death of his parents (whom he didn’t get along with), Jonah (Munro Chambers) is invited to go out with rich, playboy friend Richard (Christopher Gray) and his girlfriend Sasha (Emily Tyra) on his pleasure boat to try and cheer him up. When the three friends find themselves stranded on this yacht in the middle of the ocean their efforts at survival and decision-making pushes them beyond their limits/boundaries.

The set up feels a bit strange to start with as a disembodied narrator tells us all about the main characters but the more this happens the more you just go with this interesting format. The tension is there from the beginning but so is the dark humour and this continues throughout the film as the situation continues to worsen and the friendship is strained past breaking point.

Whilst there is some gore involved here it isn’t gratuitous and is used well for emphasis and shock value, more that Harpoon utilises the tension as the driving factor here. Tension and revelations that twist and turn the narrative until everything is so far beyond messed up that you wonder where it is going to end up.

The narration (by Brett Gelman) is the thing that elevates Harpoon above the standard horror/thriller fare. The deadpan delivery is accompanied by a freeze-frame of the action and feels out of place at times, but it provides a much needed boost of humour to lift up the scenes being shown, alongside some interesting titbits of information about their nautical predicament.

Harpoon is a great little film providing thrills, tension and humour that plays out really well. I really enjoyed this one!


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