Birdman by Mo Hayder

I always wonder if I should read more crime thrillers as they are hugely popular and a lot of people cannot get enough of them. I’d picked up that Birdman by Mo Hayder is particularly good example of the darker end of the genre and thought that it would be a good one to try as it would provide slightly more depraved content and an extra edge that I seem to be drawn towards in my fiction reading.

And to be fair, it does provide that edge and, although depraved in the acts that are committed, it didn’t turn out to be as gruesome or horrific as some have experienced. On top of that I did like DI Jack Caffrey as a character but his flaws and the flow of the crime thriller leave me wanting something new or fresh as generally the ones I choose all feel to be quite similar in these aspects. Am I expecting too much here? Or is this just the genre as a whole? I don’t know the answer to those yet, and I’ve got a few more good examples to try to see what they bring to the table. It has to be said through that Mo Hayder’s writing is very good, and her content and the authenticity she brings to proceedings are to be applauded, but it just doesn’t quite fire on all cylinders for me.
I’m sure I’ll return to this genre again soon and hopefully it’ll be something just a smidge more inventive or darker or messed up. If I’m lucky, it’ll be all three!

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