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Alê Abreu’s latest film Perlimps caught my eye early on when the films for this years Cambridge Film Festival were announced. Visually stunning animation layered on top of gorgeous forest-themed backgrounds and a couple of cute-as-you-like protagonists. I was sold!

Diving into the film itself was an immersive affair. Taking no time at all to fill eyes and ears with beautifully created information, you are dropped right into the gorgeously-coloured Enchanted Forest right along with Claé and Bruó. Initially unhelpful and obtuse to each other, they slowly come to realise that their fight is the same one and together they can combine their skills to put right the wrongs being wrought.

Their mission, to save the Forest from the Giants and their Big Wave, is slightly nebulous and vague at times as is their method of how they are going to solve it but their journey is a delight and the more time you spend with their light-hearted bickering and competitiveness the more you come to love their characters. This is the real pull for the film and, as it closes, you realise how important their coming together really is.

Perlimps is a wonderful journey that also shows the way differing people can work together if it is something that they both want to achieve and all wrapped up in the most delightful presentation.


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