#MaysGone (Days Gone Part 2)

The one where I earn some trust

Trust. That’s pretty much what we’re talking about here. The camps don’t have it with me, I need it to get the good stuff from them. I mean, why would they trust me? I’m some loner biker dude wandering around in the madness, willing to do what it takes to survive. With my MC cut and my many weapons and my badass face and beard, I don’t blame them!

So, we need to build trust with them and we do that by doing jobs for them. Getting knee deep in the shit so that they don’t have to. Sticking my neck on the line so that they can get back their comrade or get some items or even hunt down a bounty that has wronged them in some way. It’s harsh, but this is the way of the new world. These missions are split between a number of different types and do you get a similar style of play from each type each time, just with varying numbers of enemies and the roll-of-the-dice element of passing freakers getting involved to make things more interesting.

There is a really great search mechanic where the controller vibrates when your line of sight passes the object that you are looking for, which is super helpful as those little buggers are hard to see at times, especially with my aged eyesight! Bounties are either a find-and-eliminate-on-the-spot or they bolt on their bikes and you have to chase them down and wreck their bike. Much fun to be had there!

Couple of enemy camps found and their respective new map pieces uncovered. I must be getting near to opening up a new area, I hope as the number of signposted elements in this region are few and far between. My shooting IS getting better, particularly against human enemies, headshots becoming more frequent and requiring less efforts to get one! Freakers I still seem to have an issue with maintaining composure when they are attacking, or even just their random movements cause me no end of problems in taking them down.

On top of all this there are missions for Deacon to find out about his missing wife. Did I mention that he had a wife? No? Oh, well, she got stabbed 2 years ago in the chaos of the outbreak and Deacon “The Saint” St. John put her on a NERO (shady governmental sciencey-division types) helicopter to try to save her and was never heard from again. But, an encounter with another NERO helicopter has lead to doing little side missions which are great for uncovering information about the outbreak and the virus that is causing all this.

As I have progressed further, there have been some new types of freakers that have arrived. First there was a mission to recover some antibiotics for my man Boozer. Now, seeing as he was near death it was a must do mission, no slacking and no turning back and that’s when the Breaker turns up. Yep, that doesn’t sound great does it? And no, it isn’t. This is a freaker on steroids, massive, massive muscles and a penchant for charging at you and slamming into you for huge damage. Thankfully, they are put down really easily by… what? Oh, they AREN’T put down really easily? Oh, that makes more sense. Huge, masses of destructive muscle take a huge amount of bullets to put down. And anything else that you want to throw at it. Eveennnntuallly, when he has given up the ghost it’s back to normal, unless you find yourself lucky enough to cross paths with one of these lumbering idiots in the wild as they are now out there for all to experience. Yey! I did come across another one in a future mission but with the option to jump on the ol’ bike and ride away, I took that rather than engaging in an exercise of emptying all my ammo.

Anyway, back to Trust. Copeland camp is now up to level 3, which has unlocked all the goodies there that I can get my hands on. Missions for them are fewer and further between now, so any future advancement might take a bit to do to get it to max Trust. Hot Springs is still languishing in the mid-level 2 region, again with fewer jobs to do, I’m not sure how this is going to get much higher any time soon. And lastly, for now, Lost Lake I’ve just managed to raise to level 2 Trust, so have pretty much spend all my camp credits on the stuff that was made available to me for my bike and my arsenal.

Oh, and another new type of freaker has been introduced. As my good man Boozer decided to drink heavily and get the idea that he’s going to walk home (not the camp that we shared but his home home), it was up to me to go out to find him and bring him back. Anyway, on this search mission I got introduced to a Screamer. An erratic (even more so than the normal freakers) once-was-woman who proceeds to scream at the top of her lungs when you get spotted. All by itself, this would be pretty bad, attracting all and sundry from the nearby area but it also messes up your vision for a short while s you aren’t able to really work out what you are doing. Great, eh? Note to self: Stay away from these gals and snipe from a distance. Anyway, finding the Boozman was fun. Until we baited a horde and has to high tail it outta there, closing in on all sides. But it was achieved and Boozer was back safe in the camp, if not mentally all ok.

I did find another horde, actually I nearly rode right into it! Good job I managed to get through them and then set about trying to wipe them out. A fortuitous location (rocky outcrop above their feeding/watering ground) allowed me to implement the tried and trusted method: Attractor + Molotov (and a pipe bomb or two added for good measure). Horde wiped out. Alright, alright, alright!

As if a close encounter with a horde wasn’t enough I decided to spice things up a bit and the last thing I did was a NERO checkpoint. These are little areas of cabins, usually with a load of good loot inside. All you have to do is fuel up a generator and turn it on, which ten gives you access to the cabins. All well and good. However, when you do turn it all on, a warning message starts playing out over loudspeakers attracting all and sundry. So, if you are diligent you’ll manage to get rid of all the speakers before you do so, meaning you’ll get free access and no bother from wandering freakers and the like. Now, this checkpoint that I decided to do was next to the Old Sawmill. If you know anything about Days Gone and hordes of freakers, you may know that THE largest horde of freakers is stationed here. Within earshot of the checkpoint. Strolling up the to area you can hear the multitudes of the dirty things squabbling and fighting amongst themselves. But, I’m sure I’ve got all of the speakers unattached so I’m going to go ahead and turn this thing on…..

AAArrrggghhhh! There’s a speaker hidden in the trees. Dammit. Off! Turn off! Quick godammit! Stop the noise! Turn it off, turn it ooooooFFFFF!

OK, turned it off and I’ve run away pre-emptively. Turns out that it didn’t attract them with that little blast of noise. Phew! But it did attract a number of wandering freakers, so I’m now going to have to get rid of them as well as taking down the remaining speaker. Oh, great, and there is a Screamer here as too. Well, she needs to go first. There’s no way that I’m allowing her to raise a racket, especially not here! So, issues entirely of my own making tidied up at last and the speaker gone, I can finally get into this place and reap my rewards. Yes! And then slink back to my bike and do one before this horde gets wind of my presence.

I’m not ready for this place yet.

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