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#MaysGone (Days Gone Part 4)

The one where I rescue a puppy.

Awww. Sooooo cuuutte! Nice little side mission to ensure the Boozer has something to live for, something to care for. What a good friend you are! Who’d have thought that something so pure would exist in this world? But here we are, a genuine smile-inducing moment amongst the absolute shit!

I did do some other stuff as well as this, but it is a highlight nonetheless. Like, travelling deep into Ripper territory with shady wide-boy Schizzo on a multi-part mission that was awesome, until shit went down and it turned into a different type of mission. But these are the things that you play for, something that turns from one good thing to another good thing seamlessly. This was a pretty intense section. Relieved of all my gear it was just me and my trusty knife against an entire camp of Rippers. Or a sneak-fest (which is what I chose). Some heart-pounding moments and choices to be made and then to try and escape through a load of freakers as well. Safely back on the bike you’re then thrust into an onslaught on your camp which you’ve gotta protect. High quality stuff.

The rest of it was mostly a tickboxing exercise as I finish up things in this area, doing little jobs here and there. Money, money, money. Oh, some sexual tension, trust, trust issues and lil dogs. All good, all good!

Another horde removed, this time over by Sherman Farm. Not too bad this one, couple of mollies in through the cave entrance, another attractor and more mollies just outside then mopping up. Remarkable how common that process becomes. Probably helped that I’ve levelled up my ranged weapons too: Increased ammo capacity and increased penetration is on so bullets go through freakers and hit more behind which is quite useful in this instance!

Another outing with Boozer and some explosives was another little aside from the norm, this time taking a sniping position whilst Boozman plants the dynamite around the dam (just above the Rippers camp). That was fun. Then an incursion into the Rippers camp to finish them off. Back to pretty standard, although there’s a Breaker that I couldn’t avoid, but thankfully improved firepower helped here, and I don’t think he managed to get a hit on me, so bonus! Finishing up with a one on one hand-to-hand fight with chief Ripper dude was, again, a nice aside, something different to keep you guessing what’s still to come. But with this mission over and the Ripper threat ended it is time to move on. But not before I’ve hit Allied Trust level here at Lost Lake and all the good stuff that they will now sell me. *rubs hands with glee*

Information that Sarah might still be alive further South gives hope to Deacon that she can be found and Iron Mike is happy (read: he’s pissed off but also happy to get rid of me for a bit at least!) to lead me over the pass to the Crater Lake region. Yes! Finally getting somewhere else. You get a nice ride with Mike then a snowy climb and descent. One thing that I haven’t mentioned yet is the music. You get a good mood score throughout, reflecting the action or the calm, but now and again you get proper songs playing, mainly as you bike from place to place. The one on the way down this mountain pass (Billy Raffoul – Hell or High Water) is absolutely superb. Melancholy and heartfelt, evoking the solo mission that you are on to find your love. Beautiful!

So, Crater Lake, eh? What’s all this about then? Oh, what a welcome! An infected, raging bear! Lovely. Well, if I’m going to get in with these people then helping them with this violent monster is a good start. Onwards and upwards…..

Turns out that they have a camp here too! Who’d have thought it?! Ingratiating myself in, searching for info and finding a huge clue and a competent Captain (who is slightly shifty it seems. To me at least). We scoot past a huge horde and take down a camp together. All good fun, but I didn’t like the look of that horde, they was a pretty big group. No doubt I’ll be seeing them again. Things here seem a little bit of a step up, things are just that little bit harder. Oh joy!

I may still not be ready, but I’ve got more of a gung-ho attitude these days! Makes for fun gaming!

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